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Are you cleaning out a house to flip it? Do you have large, bulky items that you can't fit in your car to take to the dump? Copeland Central LLC offers affordable junk removal service in Marietta and Smyrna, GA. From unwanted household items to trash and litter around your property, we'll get rid of anything you don't want just lying around.

Which of our cleaning services do you need?

Accumulating junk and clutter is easy. It's getting rid of it that is a hassle. When you're ready to let go of unwanted junk or trash around your property, call Copeland Central. We provide:

Home cleanouts and junk removal
We have dumpsters and hauling trailers to remove old furniture, mattresses and clutter in your home.
Routine parking lot cleanups
A clean parking lot can make a great first impression, so rely on us to pick up trash and remove litter from your property.
Seasonal chimney sweeping
Keep your chimney clean and your home safe with seasonal chimney sweeping services from our experts.

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Why hire Copeland Central?

Copeland Central is a trusted and reliable junk removal company serving the Marietta and Smyrna, GA communities. As a family-owned and -operated business, we understand the hassle of large-scale junk removal. That's why we'll do whatever you need to make the process easier on you. Count on us to pick up and haul away large, bulky and heavy items and remove them from your property so you never have to see them again.

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